Footage Company of the Year 2020

FOCAL are pleased to announce the two shortlist nominations for Footage Company of the Year. 

For a submission to be shortlisted the entry must demonstrate how and where the company has introduced a new service, initiative or innovation in the past year taking into consideration all the supporting statements and testimonials provided by industry colleagues.

LOLA Clips is a video content agency based in London and Los Angeles – hence the name.

Founded in 2015 LOLA has steadily grown to become an industry force in monetizing video archive content into film and television productions.

With over 25 media partners choosing to use LOLA Clips as their agency of sales, LOLA is the trusted source for sourcing and licensing footage from Hollywood, London and Sydney. It’s founders Sandra Coelho and Dominic Dare have over 40 years experience in this industry and have been at the cutting edge of the film and television archive industry since LOLA’s inception. LOLA has pioneered drone footage and aggregates bespoke content on-demand as well as offering a consultancy to find and source archive content internationally. If you need footage just THINK LOLA.

Submission entry with testimonials are available to read here for LOLA Clips.

Since 1992, Reelin’ In The Years Productions has been recognized as a world leader in footage licensing. Their unique archive houses over 30,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years & 7,000 hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports.

The interviews are from legendary talk shows around the world, including those  hosted by Sir David Frost, Merv Griffin, Rona Barrett and Brian Linehan. Recently they have launched the Reelin’ In The Years Photo Archive which focuses exclusively on licensing images of music artists containing over 200,000 photos from the 1930s to today.

RITY’s dedication to finding, preserving and cataloging archival footage have made them a go-to source for licensing footage of musical artists, entertainers and history makers.

Submission entry with testimonials are available to read here for Reelin’ In The Years Productions.