Entries 2019

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Submissions are now closed for the 2019 Competition.

This year we are using a new online entry site, with the help of BAFTA Nucleus, which should be quick & easy to use. You can upload your supporting video for the Production / Restoration & Preservation categories plus relevant supporting material for the Personnel Categories directly onto the site. You can create multiple user accounts under the one company or organisation, if needed, and you can save and review your submission simply by logging in.

The entry guidelines for submitting to the Production / Restoration & Preservation categories are available here. Specific entry guidelines for the Personnel categories are available here.

To Enter you must create a user account, complete the submission online form, provide supporting material and complete payment (if required).


As a not-for-profit trade organisation, we charge an entry fee to enable FOCAL to cover costs of delivering the competition and annual awards ceremony:

  • All Submissions to each Award production* or restoration category will be charged an early bird fee of £65 (+ VAT) if entering prior to January 11th 2019. From January 12th 2019 and until the submissions deadline, the normal entry fee per category is £80 (+VAT). Please note that you must have submitted and paid for your submissions prior to January 11th 2019 to be eligible for the early bird discount.
  • We are also able to offer the following discounts for entering one submission to multiple categories. When entering one submission to two categories, you will receive 10% off the total submission price. When entering one submission to three categories, you will receive 15% off the total submission price. The discount of 10% or 15% will apply to both the early bird and normal entry fee price, whichever is relevant, at the time of submission. The same discounts will also be applied when one organisation is submitting multiple titles/entries.
  • *Except for entry to the Short Film Production category which is subject to the following fees: £25 (+VAT) for early bird entry up until January 11th 2018 or £40 (+VAT) standard entry fee from January 12th 2019 onwards. A short film must be a singular production of 30 minutes or less in duration.
  • Any discounts will automatically applied to the invoice when submitting your entries.

Production submissions can be entered in up to three categories, payment must be made online at the time of submission.

All Personnel submissions are free to enter.


  • To qualify, a work must have been broadcast, screened or published, for the first time in some territory or a platform, between 1st January 2018 and 31st December 2018 (the qualifying period)
  • For an overview on the types of content eligible for each award category, please click on the Categories tab above. Please note that the FOCAL International Awards are divided into three different sections – Production; Restoration & Preservation; and Personnel
  • The entrant is expected to have full permission to enter the project, title, individual or company and be able to supply the relevant supporting material

For further information please contact awards@focalint.org