Being a 2020 Production Juror

The FOCAL Awards Judging process for our production categories operates in two stages.


During the first round of judging, groups of FOCAL jurors will review each of the submissions entered into their selected category. Jurors view each submission within the category individually and then discuss the titles collectively with their jury group.

Led by the jury moderator, these discussions can be convened by email, Skype or in person to eventually agree on the titles to be shortlisted for nomination. The shortlist is arrived at by majority agreement from each jury group with the moderator having a casting vote if needed.

As standard, we ask each jury to nominate three submissions however at FOCAL’s discretion we may allow for further titles to be shortlisted after discussion with the jury moderator.

second round viewing

The shortlisted titles will go forward as nominations for the respective category. Each set of shortlisted titles are open to a second round of voting by a wider pool of jurors in order to determine the eventual winner. First round jurors are also welcome to participate as second round jurors.

Second round jurors view and vote on each shortlisted title independently so winners are determined by a scoring system and revealed on the night of the FOCAL Awards ceremony.

the jury portal

All Jury viewing is done via FOCAL’s dedicated online Jury portal. Each juror will be provided with an individual password-protected account and can use the portal to view and record notes or scores on titles.


Submissions Deadline7th February 2020
First Round Juries Start Viewing2nd March 2020
First Round Juries End Viewing and Submit Shortlists17th April
Shortlisted Nominations Announced27th April
Second Round Juries Start Viewing1st May
Second Round Juries End Viewing and Submit Scores 22nd May

Please note that FOCAL will try to follow the above schedule as closely as possible but dates may be subject to change.

Attending the FOCAL Awards

As a not-for-profit organisation, FOCAL International relies on the skill and efforts of a wide network of volunteer jurors in order to deliver the FOCAL Awards.

As a small gesture of our appreciation for your major contribution to making the Awards happen each year, jurors are eligible for a 50% discount on a ticket to attend the 17th FOCAL International Awards at the Troxy, London, on the 18th June 2020. This offer is only applicable to jurors and is non-transferable. Tickets include pre-drinks, dinner with 1⁄2 bottle of wine per person and after party. Ticket prices will be finalised in Spring 2020 and we will notify Jurors of availability at this point.

All jurors are also credited in the printed FOCAL Awards programmes distributed at the ceremony.

Further Information

The 2020 Jury Guidelines will be available in early Spring 2020 before juries begin viewing. To register interest in being a 2020 juror or for more information please get in touch –