Entered into Best Restoration and Preservation Project or Title by The Film Foundation/Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna

When “Pixote” was first released critics compared it to De Sica’s “Shoeshine” and Buñuel’s “Los Olvidados” for its unsparing yet poetic depiction of the desperate lives of a ground of abandoned Sao Paulo youths. Babenco’s film was celebrated and appreciated but relatively soon became unavailable to audiences due to the poor state of the elements available to strike new prints. The significance of the film for Brasilian cinema and the urgent need of restoration made “Pixote” an ideal candidate for The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project, engaged since 2007 in restoring, preserving and disseminating films from all over the world, with particular focus to neglected areas. The project was suggested to The Film Foundation by filmmaker Walter Salles.

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