Personnel Nominations

The 2018 FOCAL Award Nominees are…

Employee of the Year

Jim Penn – Senior Researcher, BBC Motion Gallery

“Jim Penn has been a Researcher at BBC Motion Gallery for 15 years (Senior Researcher for the last 3 of those) and, throughout his tenure, has ascended the various stages of competency, from novice to expert; from expert to oracle and, finally, from oracle to savant!”

Kieran O’Leary – Access & Digital Collections Developer, IFI Irish Film Archive

“I am nominating Kieran O’Leary the IFI’s Access & Digital Collections Developer for the outstanding employee award, as he is an employee of the calibre of which you encounter maybe once or twice in your career. His work over the last number of years has been indispensable and transformative for the IFI Archive, without him our digital development would not have occurred to the extent that it has, and we would not be in our current position, where as a small low budget archive we are punching above our weight in terms of digital procedures, development and international collaboration.”

Scott Norman – Sales & Rights Manager, NBC Archive

“NBC News archive is fronted by the most diligent, calm operator who to our mind always goes that extra mile. From opening up volumes of little seen content for us archivists to skills in swiftly sorting talent clearances, Scott Norman makes TV production highly rewarding and I suspect NBC know they are very lucky to have him!”

Library of the Year

Huntley Film Archive

“I propose Huntley Film Archives for Focal library of the Year for one reason only – its amazing team. Large or small, any archive depends on the quality and skills of the team behind the name and 2017 brought together a team that has skilled fresh faces alongside old timers. This has brought an energy and changes to the workflows bringing new innovations and services never before possible at Huntley Film Archives in 2018. The archive has long needed this innovation and users will immediately appreciate the difference.”

ITV Archive

“The ITV Archive Clip Sales was brought back in-house to ITV in July 2017 (it was previously managed by ITN Source for 14 years). The new Clip Sales team are small, experienced, dedicated and passionate about ITV’s rich catalogue of footage. We’ve only been trading for 6 months and have quickly become known for our quick turnaround response time to emails, research, rights checking and supply of material across the industry.”

The Jane Mercer Researcher of the Year


Barbara Gregson, Ryan Gallagher | The Defiant Ones (HBO Entertainment and Silverback 5150 Pictures in association with Alcon Television Group) 

Bernard McMahon, Allison McGourty | American Epic (Lo-Max Films, BBC Arena, Wildwood Enterprises, Thirteen)

Mike Welt, Ho Dang Hoa, David P. Schmidt | The Vietnam War (Florentine Films)


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