Jane Mercer – Researcher of the Year 2020

The following 4 shortlist nominees, recognises and honours the work of the researchers who have made significant contributions to productions requiring archival footage. 

Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché
Archive Researchers: Pamela B. Green, Cosima Littlewood, Joan Simon, Daniela Roth and Christine Leteux

Director: Pamela B. Green
Archival Sources: Swedish Film Institute, Library of Congress, Lobster Films, EYE Film Institute, Gaumont-Pathé Archives
Production Company: Be Natural Productions
Country of Production: United States, United Kingdom

Archival highlights: A film that was instrumental in increasing the profile of its subject by contributing to the ongoing discoveries of her work by finding 15 films prior thought lost and incorporating them into the film itself.

Coup 53
Archive Researcher: Paul Gardner

Director: Taghi Amirani
Archival Sources: Pathé, ITV, AP, Luce, PBS
Production Company: Amirani Media/COUP 53
Country of Production: United Kingdom, United States, Iran

Archival Highlights: The archive research and gathering of material for COUP 53 was a monumental task covering 100 years of geopolitics spanning 4 continents and every possible source. This is particularly significant because the search for archive is an integral part of the film’s unfolding dramatic narrative.

Archive Researchers: Marie-Hélène Barbéris, Marie Corberand, Eve Feuilloy

Director: Karim Miské, Marc Ball
Archival Sources: British Pathé, AP, Getty, Cinematek of Belgium, Gaumont Pathé
Production Company: Program33
Country of Production: France, Belgium, Senegal

Archival Highlights: This 3 part program draws material from 49 archival films and 13 fiction films, with footage from archives in Vietnam, India, Kenya, Senegal & more. It also features rare footage of Frantz Fanon at the hospital in Blida.

Generalísimo, Franco’s Life in Colour
Archive Researcher: Lisa Berger

Director: Luis Carrizo
Archival Sources: Filmoteca Española, Album / EFE, RTVE Radio Televisión Española S.A., Biblioteca Nacional de España, Reuters / British Pathé
Production Company: Minoria Absoluta S.L.
Country of Production: Spain

Archival Highlights: The entire documentary is made with archive images colored to reach the maximum possible number of viewers.
And this documentary has been possible thanks to a monumental documentation job. Working with more than 40 different sources of audiovisual footage, historic documents and also photographic archives, with the will to get the best possible material to tell the story of Franco.