Freddie Mills on set of Emergency Call

Murder in Soho: Who Killed Freddie Mills

Entered into Best Use of Footage in a Factual or Natural World Production / Best Use of Footage in a History Feature / Best Use of Footage in a Sports Production by Phoenix Television

“Murder in Soho: Who Killed Freddie Mills?” is a real life murder mystery about the life and untimely death of a national boxing hero, often described as Britain’s first sporting celebrity.

Set in 1960s Soho, this film delves into the world of UK and US organised crime, boxing, gambling, police corruption, and a string of brutal unsolved murders that became synonymous with the name Freddie Mills.

With access to eight hours of unseen home movies, this intimate portrayal of a man who rose from the humble surroundings of fairground boxing booths to become Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World and a household name. But it all ended on the 25th July 1965, when he was found shot dead

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