2020 Production Categories

Entries for the 2020 FOCAL Awards have now CLOSED. If you have entered in this category please keep an eye on your e-mails for further information from us.

The FOCAL Awards celebrate three areas – production, restoration and preservation, and people. All our production categories celebrate the very best use of footage within the production, programme or project.

See information on each category and the 2019 winners below

History Feature

For feature-length productions – of 60-minute duration or longer – such as documentaries or docudramas that deal with historical events, people or issues.

2019 Winner: Apollo 11

Watch a 10 Minute Preview of Apollo 11 (Dir. Todd Douglas Miller)

History Production

Best Use of Footage in a History production includes documentaries or docudramas dealing with historical issues, events or people. Productions may be up to a maximum of 60 minutes in length or per each episode.

2019 Winner: The Scientist, The Imposter and Stalin: How to Feed the People (Le savant, l’imposteur et Staline: Comment Nourrir le Peuple)

Arts Production

Encompassing documentaries, docudramas or fiction that feature arts and cultural subjects. For example, productions might be on literature, visual arts, the history of film & TV or they might be biographies of artists, writers and entertainers. Entries may also be impressionistic in style and use footage in creative ways. 

2019 Winner: Kulenkampff’s Shoes

Sports Production

Productions for any media platform, which use footage of any sports, are eligible for this award. Productions can include documentaries; docudramas, shorts, trailers, adverts and so may also be eligible for the innovative platforms, advertising or short film category.

2019 Winners (tied): Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager & Momentum Generation

Music Production

Productions eligible for this category include documentaries, docudramas or fiction films featuring, for example, the history of music or biographies of musicians, singers, composers.

2019 Winner: John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky

Factual Production

Includes documentaries or docudramas that deal with current affairs or topical issues, people, events or phenomena. The Factual genre covers a wide array of subjects such as the economy, politics, the environment or natural world, science & technology, natural disasters, climate breakdown, and human-interest stories. Submissions can include feature length productions and series. 

2019 Winner: Under the Wire

Advertising or Branded Content

Exemplary advertising or branded content campaigns across any platform that make essential and intelligent use of archival footage to tell the story of the product.

2019 Winner: WWF – Fight For Your World

Watch WWF’s Fight for Your World advert.

Innovative Platforms

Celebrating the very best use of archive across outside of the traditional broadcast or cinema sphere. Eligible projects may include visual arts exhibitions, live events, digital platforms or the use of archive on another kind of innovative platform in which new audiences are engaging with archive.

2019 Winner: British Pathé TV

Short Film

Any film of 30 minutes or less in which footage is integral to the storytelling, whether documentary, fiction of any genre of filmmaking. 

2019 Winner: A Night at the Garden

Watch 2019 Best Use of Footage in a Short Film winner A Night at the Garden (Dir. Marshall Curry).

Entertainment Production

Dedicated to productions or series that make effective and humorous use of footage in a comedy sketch series, quiz show or list style format. Submissions might include productions that have had a traditional TV or online release and distribution.

2019 Winner: Mr. SOUL!

Cinematic Feature

Feature documentaries or films which are cinematic in ambition and scope but not necessarily limited to traditional cinema releases. They may be feature documentaries that rely on archival footage to drive the narrative or feature fiction that uses archival footage astutely to clarify or enhance the storytelling in an essential way. 

2019 Winner: They Shall Not Grow Old

Watch the trailer for They Shall Not Grow Old (Dir. Peter Jackson).

We will announce the shortlisted nominations for each category in the coming months.