A plethora of producers, archivists and footage champions gathered in London for the 2019 FOCAL Awards last June. We asked our award winners what makes winning a FOCAL Award so meaningful and why archive matters. Find out what they told us…

John and Yoko – Above Us only sky

Eagle Rock Films talk about winning Best Use of Footage in a Music Production, FOCAL Awards 2019, and the privilege of collaborating with Yoko One to represent the creation of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Imagine album, by using incredible original footage from John and Yoko’s own archive.

“What we try to do, and what archive enables you to do, is to enter into the immediacy and the contemporary nature of creation. When you’re using archive, you’re not looking back – you’re actually looking through. And that’s what I think archive enables us to do.”

Peter Worsley, Eagle Rock Films 

Kulenkampff’s Shoes

Regina Schilling, director of Kulenkampff’s Shoes, discusses the story of a generation of Germans healed by the therapeutic powers of TV and TV hosts in her award-winning production, Kulenkampff’s Shoes.

“I always say it’s our collective memory…this is one reason this film is so successful…it triggers our unconscious…like the slogan of this festival…I would always say to create the future, you have to deal with the past” 

Regina Schilling, Director of Kulenkampff’s Shoes

They Shall Not Grow Old

A unique collaboration between Hollywood film director Peter Jackson and the Imperial War Museum created a moving and deeply personal tribute to the soldiers who fought in World War One. They Shall Not Grow Old won the FOCAL Award for Best Use of Footage in a Cinematic Feature and has created an unprecedented insight for new audiences into the terrible events of 1914 to 1918.

“The headline of what Peter Jackson wanted to do was to bring the First World War to life for 15 year olds.”

Nigel Hinds, Imperial War Museum