2020 Advertising & Branded Content

Here is the shortlist for our 2020’s Advertising & Branded Content category, recognising uses of archival footage in advertisements and brand identities.

Wimbledon – The Story Continues

Director: Elliot Dear
Archive Researcher(s): Jody Winterbottom
Archival Sources: Getty Images, Independent filmmakers, Textures, Pond5, Shutterstock
Production Company: BlinkInk, The Director Studio
Country of Production: United Kingdom

Synopsis: Wimbledon’s 2019 advertisement links a selection of landmark headlines from the tournament to a global news archive, such as Billie Jean King’s role in leading the fight for equality in tennis. The campaign aims to build further global engagement and cultural relevance for the 142-year-old event. The advert contextualises iconic Wimbledon winners from each decade with the news stories from the era.

Archival Highlights: This advert combined archival footage from Wimbledon’s history with news stories of the time through CGI. It also provides a snapshot of how tennis has been filmed throughout the years – marking the first colour broadcast and more.

VW – Moon Landing Anniversary

Director: Leo Premutico
Archive Researcher(s): Elizabeth Smithson, Spring McCoy, Lauren Wackell, Jen Van Horn, Brandi Self, Cole Hooper, Rachel Saxby, Craig Phillips
Archival Sources: Alamy, Film Supply, Getty, Veritone, Stocksy
Production Company: STALKR
Country of Production: United States

Synopsis: Set to one of David Bowe’s earliest recorded versions of “Space Oddity” this spot looks back at the 1969 moon landing that was celebrated and chronicled worldwide. Highlighting VW’s connection to the moon landing, the spot then looks forward to VW’s vision for the future and its focus on electric vehicles and going carbon neutral.

Archival Highlights: Not just a time capsule of the Apollo 11 mission, but an archive-driven emphasis on both VW’s connection to the moon landing. Imagery of people united in awe at a shared experience.

Lyft – Two is Too Few

Director: Tim Roan
Archive Researcher(s): Elizabeth Smithson, Rachel Saxby, Lauren Wackell, Craig Phillips, Jen Van Horn, Emily Brandenstein, Matt Gee, Drew McCoy, Brandi Self
Archival Sources: Stocksy, Kinolibrary, Oddball Films, Independent filmmakers, Getty
Production Company: STALKR
Country of Production: United States

Synopsis: A campaign honoring the spectrum of LGBTQ+ humanity, and how we shouldn’t have to be defined by checking one of two boxes. The spot celebrates the beauty in all gender expressions and acknowledges that all expressions should be recognized. In conjunction with the spot, Lyft introduced pronouns to its passenger app, as well as the option to not state or list.

Archival Highlights: B&W performances, 1970s protest footage and 1990s home videos are combined in celebration of different gender identities and queer expression, made to appear in conjunction with Lyft introducing pronoun options to its application.

The Race Races On

Director: n/a
Archive Researcher(s): Jody Winterbottom
Archival Sources: Formula 1, Ford/National Motor Museum, Gaumont Pathé, British Pathé, AP Archive
Production Company: The Director Studio, Time Based Arts
Country of Production: United Kingdom

Synopsis: The Race Races On is a dynamic flash back to the thrills of Formula 1 history and how this has shaped the excitement and drama of modern F1. Archival film and contemporary visual effects are combined into a pulsating and kaleidoscopic combination of the past and the present.

Archival Highlights: A contemporary combination of archive and visual effects, this archival overview of the changes in Formula 1 technologies combines history and visual flourish in a fast-paced but well-managed narrative.