Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production 2019

Here are the nominees for our Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production. We look forward to announcing this year’s winners at the Awards Ceremony on June 20th.

The Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production award is kindly sponsored by Reelin’ In The Years Productions.

Kulenkampff’s Shoes

Kulenkampff’s Shoes highlights the key role played by German television presenters in post-war Germany, representing a generation that were trying to rebuild a country and forget a traumatic past. Through personal and national archive from the era, the film shows how economic growth, globalisation and the legacy of historical events profoundly influenced both families and broadcasters of the time.

Production Company: Zero One Film
Archive Researchers: Monika Preischl
Director: Regina Schilling
Producers: Thomas Kufus
Archival Sources Include: WDR mediagroup, NARA The National Archives and Records Administration, Regina Schilling private collection, Transit Film GmbH, Hessischer Rundfunk


The public-television variety show SOUL!, guided by enigmatic producer and host Ellis Haizlip, offered an uncompromising celebration of African-American culture and politics—giving voices that had few other options for national exposure an improbable place to call home. With a bevy of great archival clips, Mr. SOUL! captures this influential cultural moment in television history.

Production Company: Shoes In The Bed Productions, LLC
Archive Researchers: Wyatt Stone
Director: Melissa Haizlip
Producer: Melissa Haizlip
Archival Sources Include: ABC, AP, British Pathé, Getty, Reelin’ in the Years


This striking and moving documentary traces the astonishing life of Rudolf Nureyev, who transcended fame in the dance world to become a pop culture icon. It charts his rise from humble beginnings to his defection to the West and creatively presents hitherto unseen footage of the great dancer himself as well as important work from some of America’s great choreographers.

Production Company: Frith St Films
Archive Researcher: Rosalind Bentley
Director: Jacqui Morris
Producers: Jacqui Morris
Archival Sources include: BBC, ITN, Nureyev Foundation, NYPL, Douce Francois-Freitas collection

Join us at the Awards Ceremony

The 2019 edition of the FOCAL Awards will celebrate all of the above nominations and more on June 20th 2019 at the Troxy in London. We’ll also be presenting filmmaker Julien Temple with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Whether you’re a nominee, an industry professional or just someone who loves archival film, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this year’s achievements.
Early bird tickets are available until May 12th, and tickets include welcome drinks, a stylish 3 course meal, post-ceremony drinks and plenty of networking opportunities with nominees, curators, researchers and other industry professionals. We hope to see you there!

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