1 Recy Taylor Portrait

The Rape of Recy Taylor

Entered into Best Use of Footage in a Cinematic Feature / Best Use of Footage in a History Feature by Augusta Films

“The Rape of Recy Taylor” is the story of a young Black woman who, in 1944, refused to remain silent after she was raped one night in Alabama by a group of white teens. Instead, she spoke up, reporting the crime despite threats to her life. Mrs. Taylor’s uphill battle for justice electrified the country, including a young NAACP activist named Rosa Parks, who wouldn’t make history in Montgomery for another 11 years. The film tells the story of one woman’s bravery. But it also shines a light on thousands of others who found their voices – women who organized, fought back, and demanded their rights, forging a movement that laid the groundwork for Black Lives Matter and #MeToo decades later.

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